How to Uninstall D-link Router


D-link Router Configuration Page

D-Link router is a sharing gadget and a web arrange associated with more gadgets at one particular neighborhood. In the event that you are a home client then it requires uninstalling the D-Link router from your PC. A considerable lot of you are as yet attempting to uninstall a d-link router yet you can’t stop the bits of an establishment. You have to gauge some imperative safety measures that cleanse the gadget into your PC. Here and there d-link router is not appropriately introduced. It introduces as a bit of equipment. In spite of the fact that this gadget permits you in a consistent move from your arranged processing to an individual figuring. Simply read and learn how to Uninstall the D-Link Router from your PC by taking after guidelines given this in well ordered.

  • Unplug your d-interface router from the WiFi web modem.
  • Unplug your PC at the back of your d-interface router.
  • A cable which is coming straightforwardly from your PC’s port this link connect it to the modem.
  • Press Ctrl + R (run the program) and type cmd in it and hit enter.
  • Now sort config and hit enter. This profits back to you and makes your PC to reconfigure again to straightforwardly append with a web association which rather than experiencing your d-connect router.

These above strides will make simple and help to fathom your bugs identified with uninstalling the d-interface router. Take after these directions by well ordered in the given manual.

Uninstalling Hardware

  • Closed down your PC and unplug the D-Link router and your modem. The modem is the gadget that associates with your D-Link router’s Internet port.
  • Unplug the Ethernet link from the back or side of your PC. This is the link that originates from one of the numbered ports on the D-Link router. On the off chance that you associate with the D-Link router remotely, there is no Ethernet link to separate, however you ought to discover an Ethernet port on your PC that resembles a huge phone plug. You will require this port in the wake of uninstalling the D-Link router.
  • Unplug the Ethernet link from the “Web” port on your D-Link router and connect it to the Ethernet port on your PC.
  • Connect to your modem and sit tight 30 seconds for it to completely control up.
  • Boot up your PC. It will naturally associate with the modem without the router.

Uninstall Software

  • Click “Begin” and sort “include or expel programs.”
  • Click “Include or Remove Programs” from the list items.
  • Tap the D-Link router programming from the rundown of introduced projects.
  • Click “Uninstall” from the bar found simply over the program list and affirm you wish to uninstall the program. The program ought to uninstall naturally
  • Restart your PC.

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