How to Setup DDNS on D-Link Router?

D-Link Router updating Dynamic DNS benefit. In the event that you have as of now setup free element DNS benefit, you can take after these guidelines that can set up your D-Link router to refresh your DNS consequently for you at whatever point your Internet association’s IP address changes.

For these directions, will be utilized a D-Link DI-624 router. The setup procedure for all D-Link routers that bolster DNS ought to be like this.

Open the D-Link router configuration page by entering the IP address in a web program. You will be expeditious for a secret password. In the event that you didn’t set up a secret password on your router, enter administrator for the username and leave the password blank. When you are signed into the router

  • Tap on the “Instruments” tab, then
  • Click on the “DNS” catch, as observed beneath.
D-link Config Support +1-844-352-2268.png

D-link Router Configuration Page

D-Link DDNS Setup

Dynamic DNS pages are following these points:

  • Select the “Empowered” radio catch for the DNS field
  • Select DDNS from the Server drop-down menu
  • Enter the complete Host Name that can you set up with DDNS.
  • Enter your DDNS Username and Password to set up
  • Tap to “Apply” catch.

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