How to Setup DDNS on D-Link Router?

D-Link Router updating Dynamic DNS benefit. In the event that you have as of now setup free element DNS benefit, you can take after these guidelines that can setup your D-Link router to refresh your DNS consequently for you at whatever point your Internet association’s IP address changes.

For these directions, will utilized a D-Link DI-624 router. The setup procedure for all D-Link routers that bolster DNS ought to be like this.

Open the D-Link router configuration page by entering the IP address in a web program. You will be expeditious for a secret password. In the event that you didn’t setup a secret password on your router, enter administrator for the username and leave the password blank. When you are signed into the router

  • Tap on the “Instruments” tab, then
  • Click on the “DNS” catch, as observed beneath.
D-link Config Support +1-844-352-2268.png

D-link Router Configuration Page

D-Link DDNS Setup

Dymanic DNS pages are following these points:

  • Select the “Empowered” radio catch for the DNS field
  • Select DDNS to the Server drop down menu
  • Enter the complete Host Name that can you setup with DDNS.
  • Enter your DDNS Username and Password to setup
  • Tap to “Apply” catch.

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