How do I open ports on my DIR Series router?

Step 1: Open your web program and sort in the IP address of the Dlink Router ( of course). Enter the username (administrator naturally) and secret key (clear of course), and after that snap OK.

Step 2: Select and click the ADVANCED tab and then select VIRTUAL SERVER.

D-Link-DIR-601-Virtual-Server +1-844-352-2268

Step 3: Check the crate alongside the government to empower the run the show. For pre-characterized applications, utilize the Application Name drop-down menu and tap on the bolt catch alongside the drop-down menu to auto-fill the fitting field. For now pre-characterized applications not determined in the D-link Router, please enter the coveted port.

Step 4: Select the PC or device from the rundown of DHCP customers in the Computer Name drop-down menu or physically enter the IP address of the device you need to open the predetermined port for.

Step 5: Click on Save Settings.

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