How to find D-link Router Password?

If you Forgot D-link router password, then don’t worry. You can find it in the very easy way, just by taking steps given below:

  • How to find D-link Router Model:  You can find it in D-link router password list given below in left column.
  • How to find D-link Router Username: You can find it in the default username column to the right of your router model number column.
  • How to find D-link Router Password: See another column to the right of your default username column to find D-link router password.

D-link Router Password List

Model Default Username Default Password
2730R admin password
604 n/a admin
adsl admin admin
DAP-1350 admin blank
DCM-604 unknown unknown
DFL-1100 admin admin
DFL-200 admin admin
DFL-700 admin admin
DFL-80 admin admin
DGL-3420 NONE blank
DGL-4100 NONE blank
DGL-4300 admin admin
DGL-4500 admin admin
DGL-5500 none blank
DHP-1565 Admin blank
DI-514 admin blank(no password)
DI-514v2 admin blank(no password)
DI-524 admin blank
DI-524UP admin blank
DI-524v3 admin blank
DI-524v4 admin blank
DI-524v5 admin blank
DI-604 admin blank
DI-604v2 admin blank
DI-604v3 admin blank
DI-604v4 admin blank
DI-614+ admin blank
DI-614+v2 admin blank
DI-624 admin blank
DI-624+ admin blank
DI-624M admin blank
DI-624S admin blank
DI-624v2 admin blank
DI-624v3 admin blank
DI-624v5 admin blank
DI-634M Admin blank
DI-634Mv1 admin blank
DI-704 NONE admin
DI-704P admin blank
DI-704P-revA NONE admin
DI-704P-revB admin blank
DI-704P-revC admin blank
DI-704P-revC-v3.09 admin blank
DI-704pV2.60 admin blank
DI-704Pv3.11 admin blank
DI-704UP admin blank
DI-707 NONE admin
DI-707P admin blank
DI-711 admin blank
DI-713 NONE admin
DI-713P NONE admin
DI-714 admin none
DI-714+v1.31 admin blank
DI-714P+ admin blank
di-714P+ver2 blank
DI-724 admin blank
DI-724GU admin blank
DI-724P+ admin blank
DI-724U admin blank
DI-754 admin blank
DI-764 admin blank
DI-774 admin blank
DI-784 admin blank
DI-804 admin none
DI-804HV admin blank
DI-804HVv2.00 admin blank
DI-804V admin blank
DI-808HV admin blank
DI-824VUP admin admin
DI-904 blank
DI-LB604 admin blank
DIR-100 admin blank
DIR-100v2 unknown unknown
DIR-120 admin blank
DIR-130 admin blank
DIR-300 admin blank
DIR-301 admin blank
DIR-320 admin blank
DIR-330 admin blank
DIR-400 admin blank
DIR-412 admin blank
DIR-450 admin
DIR-450 admin blank
DIR-451 admin
DIR-451 admin blank
DIR-506L admin blank
DIR-515 admin blank
DIR-600 admin blank
DIR-601 admin blank
DIR-605L admin admin
DIR-615 admin blank
DIR-615v2 admin blank
DIR-615v3 admin blank
DIR-615v5 admin blank
DIR-625 admin blank
DIR-625v3 admin blank
DIR-628 admin blank
DIR-632 admin blank
DIR-635 admin blank
DIR-645 admin blank
DIR-655 admin blank
DIR-655v2 Admin
DIR-657 admin blank
DIR-660 admin blank
DIR-685 admin blank
DIR-815 unknown unknown
DIR-825 admin blank
DIR-825v2 admin blank
DIR-825_v2.50VT admin blank
DIR-826L admin blank
DIR-855 admin blank
DIR-860L Admin blank
DIR-862L Admin blank
DIR-866L admin blank
DIR-868L admin blank
DMG-6661 admin blank
DPN-5402 admin admin
DSA-3100 admin admin
DSA-3200 admin admin
DSA-5100 admin admin
DSL-2500E admin blank
DSL-2500U admin admin
DSL-2500Uv2 admin admin
DSL-2520U admin blank
DSL-2524B admin admin
DSL-2540T admin admin
DSL-2540U admin admin
DSL-2542B admin admin
DSL-254OU admin admin
DSL-2600U unknown unknown
DSL-2640B admin admin
DSL-2640Bv2 admin admin
DSL-2640Bv3 admin admin
DSL-2640B_SEA_1.00 admin admin
DSL-2640R admin admin
DSL-2640S admin sky
DSL-2640T admin admin
DSL-2640U admin admin
DSL-2642B admin admin
DSL-2680 admin admin
DSL-2730B admin admin
DSL-2730U admin admin
DSL-2740B admin admin
DSL-2740B-F1 admin admin
DSL-2740B_SEA_1.01 admin admin
DSL-2740R admin admin
DSL-2740U admin admin
DSL-2750B admin admin
DSL-2750U admin admin
DSL-2750U_Etisalat admin admin
DSL-2760U admin admin
DSL-2760U-BN admin admin
DSL-2780 admin admin
DSL-2870B admin admin
DSL-2890AL Admin blank
DSL-302G admin admin
DSL-302Gv2 admin admin
DSL-302v2 admin admin
DSL-320G admin admin
DSL-3680 admin admin
DSL-3780 admin admin
DSL-500 admin admin
DSL-500B admin admin
DSL-500G admin admin
DSL-500Gv4 admin admin
DSL-500T admin admin
DSL-500Tv2 admin admin
DSL-502G admin admin
DSL-502T admin admin
DSL-502Tv1.0 admin
DSL-504 admin admin
DSL-504G admin admin
DSL-504Gv2 admin admin
DSL-504Gv3 admin admin
DSL-504T admin admin
DSL-504Tv1.0 admin admin
DSL-504Tv2 admin admin
DSL-504v2 admin admin
DSL-520B admin admin
DSL-520T admin admin
DSL-524T admin admin
DSL-526B admin admin
DSL-584T admin admin
DSL-604+ admin admin
DSL-604+vR6.10 admin blank
DSL-6740U admin admin
DSL-G604T admin admin
DSL-G604Tv1.00B02 admin admin
DSL-G604Tv2 admin admin
DSL-G624M admin admin
DSL-G624T admin admin
DSL-G624Tv2 admin admin
DSL-G684T admin admin
DSL-G804V admin admin
DVA-G3170i admin admin
DVA-G3340S admin admin
DVA-G3810BN-TL admin telus
DVG-1402S admin admin
DVG-5102S none admin
DVG-G1402S admin admin
DVG-N5402SP admin password
DWL-1700AP admin blank
DWL-1750 admin blank
DWL-3150 admin blank
DWL-G730AP admin blank
DWR-113 admin blank
DWR-512 admin blank
EBR-2310 admin blank
EBR-2310v2 admin admin
GLB-502C admin admin
GLB-502T admin admin
GLB-802C admin admin
GO-RT-N150 admin blank
TM-G5240 admin admin
VWR-11.4.0 user user
VWR-VR user user
WBR-1310 admin admin
WBR-1310v2 admin admin
WBR-2310 admin blank
WBR-2310v2 admin blank
D-link Router Password +1-844-352-2268 (2)

D-link Router Password +1-844-717-2888

  • How to Login to your D-link Router?

          You can login to your D-link router in just three simple steps:

  1. Find D-link Router IP address.
  1. Type D-link Router IP Address Into an Internet Browser’s Address Bar
  1. Submit D-link Router Username and Password.

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