Steps to Change the Channel of D-Link Router

D-link Routers Wi-Fi channel can be changing may be required situation facing the problems like damage to wireless connections. We helped you to change the channel for your D-link Routers.

D-link Router Login 

Steps to Change the D-Link Router Channel

First, log in the D-link Router using the local address https://dlinkrouter.local or IP address login page for D-link Router can be accessed.

Dlink Support +1-844-352-2268

When accessing the login address to the web browser, then you can fill login details.

Default login details for d-link router can be here.

D-link Admin Password +1-844-352-2268

Default User Name: Admin

Default Password: “*******”

A successful login to the d-link router, you have to click “setup” tab. After you can click on the “wireless settings” option and then proceed for the next steps.

D-link Router +1-844-352-2268

Then you will find the option “manual wireless network setup”. Then click that option.

D-link router +1-844-352-2268 (2)

Here you need to immobilize the “Empower Auto Channel Scan” option.

D-link Router +1-844-352-2268 (3)

In the dropbox, you have to select a particular channel.

D-link Router +1-844-352-2268 (4)

click on the “Save” button, All the settings that you can be made to save.

Facing issues with the Channel Settings?

Dial the Toll-Free Number +1-844-717-2888 and directly talk to the D-Link router experts for the help. We are available 24/7 regarding any kind of issue you are facing with the D-Link routers. we can help you regarding any kind of issues like D-Link Router Login, D-Link router login username, and password, D-Link Router Support, Forgot D-link Router Password.

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