D’Link Router Customer Service Phone Number +1-844-717-2888

D-link provides high-end wireless router and modem for both personal and business use. It is a well-known name in this category and many people use D-link to access the Internet. Sometimes users face issue with WIFI connection for.

D-link. Due to lack of technical information, people cannot resolve this issue on their own. Here we will discuss steps to fix D-Link Wi-Fi issue, which you can follow to troubleshoot the issue.

1)Change the location of your D-link and check if you are able to connect to WI-FI

2) Unplug the power adapter, wait for few seconds and then again plug it. Power on to check the connectivity
3) Use some other device to connect to D-link Wi-Fi network and check that it’s able to access the Internet.
4) Open a Web browser and type “” to open the D-Link’s setup page. Log in using the default credentials. Now find the wireless settings and change the channel.
5) Update wireless firmware from the D-link setup page
6) Reinstall any driver or software for your wireless adapter in the PC
7) Finally, try to restore the Router’s Settings to the Factory Defaults.

Reset D-Link Router Password toll-free no: +1-844-717-2888

If you are still not able to resolve the issue by following the above steps to fix D-link WI-FI issue, you may need the support of technical experts.

Welcome to our third party router D’Link Support Services. We offer time fixed and determined solution for the above and other D-link issues in completely remote and secure environment. We have confirmed and experienced people in our team, who are only trained to resolve all kind of D-link issues. We are a leading third-party support center in the world for D-link and have a customer from all part of the world.

We offer solution for different D-link issues like –

1)Setting and configure D-link devices.
2) Resolving WI-FI connectivity issue.
3) Reset or change device password.
4) IP conflict or related issue.
5) Driver or software issue.
6)Factory or default setup.

Our D’Link Router Customer Service Phone Number is quickly accessible and available round the clock. When you call our toll free support number, you are directly connected with experts. Then our experts understand your issues and offer a solution immediately without any trouble. So, if you are facing any trouble with D-link device, contact our D-link technical support number now. Our Toll-free no:+1-844-717-2888.

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